A series of miniature monumentally scaled paintings – flat, compositional, postcard sized paintings, using the physical boundaries of the canvas to explore the ambiguous nature of corners and angles, in relation to the physical surface plane of the canvas.

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monumental installation 1monumental installation 02monumental installation 03monumental installation 04monumental installation 05monumental installation 06monumental installation 07monumental installation 17installation 08installation 10installation 11installation 09installation 13installation 12installation15installation16_installation15installation16binstallation16cinstallation19.jpg


the way in / the way out

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egressentranceback roomegressegressegressbackspaceIMG_2827.jpgIMG_2828.jpgbackwallIMG_2835.jpgbackroomentrancecornerpieces

New York artist – Steve Butcher. Artwork