Originally from England, Steve Butcher is an artist and designer who lives and works in New York.

Steve’s work is informed of a lifelong interest in the history of art. Traditional painting materials reflect an appreciation of the hands-on approach to making art (the paints used are archival pigment dispersions mixed with a flat silica binder made by Art Guerra, NYC).

The fundamental qualities of painting, along with the pictorial vocabulary used, provide an immediate familiarity and the means to convey a new conceptual viewpoint that elevates everyday mainstream iconography to a higher aesthetic.

A recurring element that provides the catalyst to much of the work created over the last 20 years is an interest in the postcard as a physical entity; both for the image content, (whether depicting a landscape or artwork) or the inherent ambiguity of scale. The constant is the focus on observation and audience interpretation.
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New York artist – Steve Butcher. Artwork. Postcards