wallwork AD50/1950

goddess Narcissa.jpggoddess Narcissa detailgoddess Vestagoddess Vesta detailgoddess Flora.jpggoddess Flora detailgoddess Iris detailgoddess Iris.jpggoddess Arethusa detailgoddess Arethusa.jpggoddess Artemis detailgoddess Artemis.jpggoddess Calypsogoddess Calypso detailgoddess Dianagoddess Diana detailgoddess Eratogoddess Erato detailgoddess Unknown.jpggoddess Unknown detailgoddess Leto.jpggoddess Leto detailgoddess Fortunagoddess Fortuna detailgoddess Ino .jpggoddess Ino detail
Pin-up / Goddess

As a decal, a simple decorative element intended to enliven a surface. Through insertion into a replicated  impression of a Pompeian fresco work, the pinup is elevated to the status of a literal goddess


New York artist – Steve Butcher – Artwork