paintings on canvas 1988-89

A postcard is a reproduction of all, or part of an artwork. Once the original has been viewed, the relationship with the piece can be kept through the postcard as a reminder – the most affordable, immediate and accessible way to remain connected to the artwork.
In this series, I continue to examine the relationship between viewer and postcard, using Giotto frescos in Assisi and Padova as a pictorial source. I have selected details that, once isolated, now not only possess their own composition but are now entirely distanced from the subject matter and intent of the original. The white border is an integral part of the painting – containing the image as well as the viewer within the frame. These paintings are now the original work – the postcard of which is the faithful reproduction of the whole, no longer a detail.

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In order to recreate the look of the original fresco (I have never seen the original), these painting were created with an adapted al secco technique over al  fresco, built up using pigments in a medium that is more flexible and could therefore be used on canvas

New York artist, Steve Butcher, Artwork, Giotto, Giotto frescos, assumption of scale, postcards, Assisi, Padova, Padua

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