visual disturbance

Reworking some objects I had made a few years ago from branches

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Pixelation detail – india ink on dissrupted branch 23″H 2016/21


A 2020 continuation of the ‘in between’ series with the added element of time, where the ‘unit’ represents the process of inhalation and exhalation – a breath. The average adult breathes 16 times/minute in a relaxed state.

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Breathing – one minute. 9″x 108″ pigment & binder, houseplant on paper 2020


monumental installation- pigment & binder on card, 4″x variable 2019/20

socially distanced

A 2020 early Covid work that was directly inspired by the lockdown. Always interested in the vernacular, this revealed itself on the back of a double sided vintage jigsaw puzzle that had no box image.

Socially Distanced – mixed media 20″x25″ 2020
detail of left and right sides of Socially Distanced

Two way

A series of paintings of split road postcard collages

Two way – pigment & binder on canvas 28″x36″ 2019
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