Postcards of generic landscapes provide the basis of what is fundamentally a ‘blank canvas’, both literal and metaphorical. The nominal and ambiguous visual information provided is enough to allow the viewer to make his own personal interpretation of the piece – unique, in that his view is derived from his own associations, where the meaning of a place is suspended between vision and memory – an anonymous and yet familiar location; the road ahead or the road traveled; looking forward, looking back; daytime, night time; no worries, no future; a future nostalgia with suggestions of a shared familiar anonymity. The image points to all things analog, while the brushstrokes hint at the pixels and digitization of future memories. Are we there yet?

New York artist – Steve Butcher. Artwork
New York, NYC, Steve Butcher, S Butcher, Butcher, landscape, black and white, postcard, postcard art, road postcard

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