NYC postcards

1987 – 2003 These collages cards have all been created from existing postcards and found imagery and it is the fortuitous combination of finding what works together that has a large part in determining their outcome. Although it would be easier and certainly faster to use Photoshop, an X-Acto knife and glue are the tools used. It is these self imposed limitations that bring a new depth and challenge to each card. The results are sometimes witty, other times dark, a reflection of our political times.

painterpinsSorano, goldSorano, silversorano canyonconstructioncolosseumgladiatorsDartmoorVolterra Pio Montichandelier - a year laterwallpaper - 9/11exit - 9/11sequoiatwin sequoiascooker - 9/11city ridefall upstatetrumpet blastpantheon nestpicadilly space odysseymars landingparty like it'sdesert showerdesert barloungegarden ledgehellfirerocky outcropseasidetattoocherubfieldfloodsperlongabird bathcartchryslerempiregone fishingthinking headbikinidancepastalandtomato skytulipscastawaysoverlookEmpire parrotsparrotsaquariumeruptionrocketfestive table9192-flowers-3.jpgthe architects9091-doll.jpg9091-works.jpglooking overstarship navona New York ForumSkylinemidtown Rome
New York artist – Steve Butcher. Artwork. Postcards.